Have we told you about our new Camelbak backpacks? In a word, they’re awesome. In the era BC (that’s Before Camelbaks), we faced a dilemma whenever we went for a hike. Do we carry a single backpack and trade it back and forth throughout the hike? Or do we each bring a backpack with maybe three things inside and two waterbottles in the side pockets?

On top of that, hiking makes us thirsty girls, and even with two waterbottles apiece, we sometimes worry about running out of water on our longer hikes.

Enter the Camelbak backpacks. Now, we know that Camelbaks are not a new thing. You’re probably sitting there reading this, thinking, “Yeah, I knew those CityGirls weren’t real hikers. All the real hikers carry Camelbaks.”

We’ve used Camelbaks and Platypuses before, particularly when backpacking, but we only had a small one, and we would still end up with the backpack dilemma. But our new Camelbaks came as part of lightweight backpacks just the right size for a day hike and with a 3 liter capacity. Now that’s a lot of water! Enough water that, even on our recent hike up Mt. Tam, we still had some left at the end of the trip. And somehow, the Camelbak backpacks make 3 liters of water feel only half as heavy as carrying two 1 liter bottles in a regular backpack. Genius.

We also like having dedicated hiking backpacks so that we don’t have to clean out all our school- and work-related stuff from our backpacks and replace it with hiking stuff every time we go for a hike. Now, we keep our hiking basics in our hiking backpacks so they’re always ready to go, and we never forget the first aid kit.

In case you’re curious, we both have the Camelbak Blowfish, 3-liter version. AM’s is black and T-Bell’s is red. Yep, we’re sickeningly cute and match-y when we go hiking.