We wandered up to Napa Valley this weekend to pick up our Spring wine club wine. It was a beautiful day, and we weren’t too interested in zipping around to a bunch of wineries, so we made it a leisurely afternoon full of delicious food and drink.

We stopped at a bunch of our favorite Napa places, starting with lunch at Gott’s Roadside stand. Don’t let the name fool you, though, this is just about the classiest roadside stand out there, with delicious (turkey) burgers, garlic fries, and shakes. Plus, because its Napa, they have a bar. Heaven forbid one spend more than 20 minutes without a glass of wine.

The line was crazy ridiculous when we got there, so we ordered shakes at the bar and read a bit before ordering food, in hopes that the line would die down.

Yeah, they have a Gott’s in the Ferry Building too, but this is clearly more fun.

This is how you know you’re in Napa: even the flowers along the side of the road are posh and a bit tipsy.

On a previous visit, we joined the Envy winery wine club. This time, we went up to pick up our first wine club order. The place was somewhat busy, though not as packed as we’ve seen it at other times. However, we were disappointed that our favorite taste-master guy wasn’t there. Instead, it was the high-stress woman who we saw there last time. Both times, when we walked in, it took her a few minutes to notice us, and then it was to say, “We’re swamped right now, you’ll have to wait.”

Fortunately, we were able to grab a couple glasses of white and sit out on their patio. The woman redeemed herself somewhat by bringing our tastings out to us outside, which they don’t usually do. It helps that we were in no rush and enjoying sitting around in the sun.

Envy makes absolutely lovely sauvignon blanc and a few different excellent reds. But this time, we were most excited about their dessert wine, the Late Harvest. It’s not technically an ice wine, but it tastes like one. Actually, it tastes like sweet, refreshing amazingness.

On our way home, we stopped in Yountville to see if Bouchon Bakery had reopened. When we came this way in February, the bakery was closed for renovation following a fire.

Well, it was open this time, and boy are we glad we stopped in! The pastries were spectacular, despite the assembly-line feel of ordering and getting our treats. We had a pistachio macaron (they’re known for their macarons), a chocolate-almond croissant (it was the most perfect combination of an almond croissant and a pain-au-chocolate that you can imagine), and an iced chai (interesting spices and very strongly honey-flavored—but in a good way).

Full of sun and yummy, we headed back home.