In the spirit of the awards season that is currently upon us, we thought we’d dish out a few of our own awards here at The CityGirls Go Hiking.

Without further ado (not that there’s been all that much ado up to this point, really), here are our favorites from our 2012 hikes and adventures.

Best Lunch Spot


Table Rock on the Steep Ravine Loop trail on Mt. Tam. A flat, sun-warmed rock hidden from the trail with a majestic view of the ocean and the town of Stinson Beach.

Best Ocean View


This one is a toss-up between two different sorts of views of the ocean. The shoreline at Russian Gulch State Park presents an open vista of water with interesting rock formations formed by the power of the waves on the soft sandstone. You smell the salt air and hear the waves crashing.

Table Rock, as you may have guessed, is the best of the other type of ocean view: the ocean from a distance. Framed in green by the trees surrounding this secluded niche, the cerulean and aquamarine blues of the ocean beckon as foamy white waves hit Stinson Beach.

Most Hardcore Hike


Nothing makes you feel hardcore like climbing nearly 2,000 feet in 2.5 miles on the trail to Vernal and Nevada Falls in Yosemite. Well, except maybe doing that hike in the snow.

Best Sunning Rock


Found on Mount Saint Helena with an amazing view of the hills of wine country and lots of warm sun during a rather chilly stretch of trail.

Table Rock gets an honorable mention here as well. Cuz it was just that awesome.

Best Tree


This tree at Russian Gulch State Park looked more like an octopus than a tree and was generally awesome-looking. In actuality, it’s a second-growth pine tree growing from the stump of an old-growth Redwood that was logged in the 1900s.

Best Waterfall


Vernal and Nevada Falls in Yosemite, especially Vernal Falls in the snow, when the water is turning to ice as it hits the bottom and creates little ice blooms in the pool there.

Best Rocks


Ring Mountain had a whole slew of little boulders dotting the hillside. They were generally very easy to scramble on top of, which makes us happy as climbing on rocks is, well, awesome. There were even some flatish rocks for eating lunch and “sunning” under the uniformly gray, overcast sky.

(We did have to talk ourselves down from making an exception to the 2012 rule and giving this award to Castle Rock, which we hiked earlier this month.)

Best Plant Name

fetid adders tongue

The fetid adder’s tongue we saw while hiking Alpine Lake. Because really, fetid adder’s tongue? Awesome name.



Bi-Rite ice cream in the Mission just can’t be beat. Chocolate and salted caramel soft serve with hot fudge sauce and candied nuts. Yeah.

And for the big winner, the best CityGirls Go Hiking hike of 2012 is…

Best Hike


Steep ravine loop is a hike that has it all. Waterfalls, Mt. Tam, Redwoods, ocean views, secluded spots, sunning rocks, the beach, ice cream bars, and enough climbing to make us feel hardcore. Plus, Puerto Rican food and limeade at Sol Food after the hike!