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From TheCityGirlsGoHiking attic of posts that never quite made it out into the world; on this bright, sunny spring day, we bring you a lovely rumination on the joys and perils of picking apples in the rain.

Oh, the best-laid plans. The best-laid plans that go awry when the sky opens up and starts dumping ridiculous amounts of rain all along the coast. The best-laid plans for a wander down the coast to a tiny little apple orchard with an outsize number of varietals in neat little rows.

What do you do when the forecast calls for rain on the day you’d set aside for apple picking? Why, you go anyway.


The hiking book: Hiking the San Francisco Bay Area (Falcon Guides)
The distance: 6 miles
The CityGirls rating: 5

The highlights of this hike were definitely the sandstone rocks and massive boulders strewn throughout the park (didn’t see that coming, now did you?).

Sandstone rock formation, Castle Rock State Park

On one of the first nice weekends we’d had in a while, we chased the sun down the coast toward Santa Cruz, where we found sunny 70 degree weather at Castle Rock State Park.