We were heading up to Fairfax to see some friends, so we figured we’d get a bit of a nature fix while we were in Marin.

We kept driving on Sir Francis Drake Blvd past Fairfax to where it ends at Point Reyes Station, then continued west into Point Reyes National Seashore.


The Seashore is beautiful and quite big: Limantour Beach, our destination, was more than 15 miles from where we entered the park. But it was a lovely day for a drive, and we had some great glimpses of the ocean between the hills along the way.

Limantour Beach is said to be one of the prettiest beaches in Point Reyes, and it’s easy to see why it’s so highly regarded. Surrounded by hills and cliffs covered in a thin carpet of green, the white sand beach stretches invitingly along the curve of Drake’s Bay.


The surf is pretty quiet and calm, and the grassy dunes at the back of the beach provide shelter from the wind and a lovely place to sit and bask in the sun.


And bask we did. The weather was just perfect for sitting on the beach, with a cool breeze and the sun beating down. The sand was warm and soft, and we dug our toes in as we sat and read.