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We did our favorite walking tour of the city with our friend Signorina when she came to visit with her boy.


At the Ferry Building Farmer’s Market, we sampled some pork deliciousness in the form of Chicharrones, 4505 Meats’ light-as-air, salty and sweet “pig candy.”


On a visit to the midwest, AM spent a food- and fun-filled day at the Great Minnesota Get-Together, aka the Minnesota State Fair.


Now, depending on who you ask, the fair holds different highlights for different people. But everyone can agree that one of the main reasons to go is the fair food. This is, after all, the (perhaps contested) birthplace of everything fried on a stick that you’ve ever imagined, plus a whole slew of things you never imagined could be battered, cooked up in hot oil, and eaten on a stick.


Our friend S was dog-sitting for the weekend, and we joined her and her two charges for a romp at Fort Funston.


The dogs were ever so excited to go to the beach. They practically bowled us over when we showed up at their house and would not sit still the whole car ride to Fort Funston. In fact, when we hit the coast and turned on to the Great Highway, both dogs started whining like the whole world was on fire. But no, they were just that excited.


Fort Funston, for those who haven’t been, is THE doggy beach in San Francisco and it was teeming with pups on this sunny holiday. There were dogs chasing balls on the bluffs, dogs slurping water from the numerous doggy bowls that surrounded each water fountain, dogs sniffing each others’ butts… it was quite the canine social scene.

We made our way down onto the beach itself, and the two puppers could no longer contain themselves they were so excited. The little pup insisted we throw the ball for her, while the larger pup beelined for the water.


We picked up a couple doggy friends along the way, including a corgi who was just as excited to play fetch as the little pup. The larger pup, who isn’t really that large, decided he only wanted to hang with the big dogs (even though they were twice his size).


After all the fun and games, we took home two tired pups.

One was completely sand-logged from running into the waves and then rolling around in the sand and both were oh so happy and exhausted.


A wander through the city with a stair climb to Coit Tower

We had family in town who wanted to see some of the city, so we took a walking tour down the Embarcadero and up to Coit Tower.


Now, to get to Coit Tower from the Embarcadero, especially if you want to avoid the craziness of Fisherman’s Wharf and Pier 39 (always a good idea),  you have to go up some stairs. A lot of stairs.


The hiking book: 60 Hikes Withinin 60 Miles: San Francisco
The distance: 8.1 miles (the loop is 7.4 miles, but we added on a bit unintentionally owing to a wrong turn near the top of the ridge)
The CityGirls rating: 7

It had been quite some time since we’d been out hiking, so we braved the roads this Labor Day weekend for our nature fix. With the Bay Bridge closed as they finished up the new span, we decided it would be best to stay away from all the other bridges, which are picking up the slack with the main East-West artery closed. So we headed down the Peninsula to Windy Hill Open Space Preserve, one of many parks tucked between Skyline Boulevard and the coast.



It’s been a busy summer here at The CityGirls Go Hiking, with hikes and adventures galore. In fact, we’ve been so busy, we’ve fallen woefully behind on our blogging.

But never fear, loyal readers, we are here to remedy the situation with a bonanza of posts catching you up on our summer escapades.

We’re writing fast and furious over here, and we’ll have new posts every couple days over the next couple weeks.

Here’s a sneak peek of what’s in store: