A wander through the city with a stair climb to Coit Tower

We had family in town who wanted to see some of the city, so we took a walking tour down the Embarcadero and up to Coit Tower.


Now, to get to Coit Tower from the Embarcadero, especially if you want to avoid the craziness of Fisherman’s Wharf and Pier 39 (always a good idea),  you have to go up some stairs. A lot of stairs.


Fortunately, we had some stair-climbing fuel in the form of a chocolate gelato bar and this lovely iced chocolate drink from Tcho.

Mmmmm…. chocolate…. making everything better.





Up Telegraph Hill

The first set of stairs brought us to a view of the Bay Bridge through the dense green foliage.


The second set of stairs brought us to this random old castle-ish building.


According to the Interwebs, Julius’ Castle, now closed, was built as a restaurant in 1923 and operated quite successfully until it closed in 2008.


A nice view of the Bay and Bay Bridge from Julius’ Castle. Also, we want to live in this yellow building with the great roof deck. Make that happen, k?


The final set of stairs started off with this awesome brick wall. Not really sure why, except maybe someone was having fun with brick-laying and decided that the wall they were making didn’t really need to match anything around it, thankyouverymuch.


How many steps?

Halfway up from the brick wall, we learn that the goal is almost in sight.

We think they wait to show you the sign with the number of steps until you’re almost to the top, because “3,852,489 steps to Coit Tower” sounds a little intimidating.”




The Tower

Hey look, it’s a tower. That’s supposed to look like a fireman’s hose. Or so the legend goes.


Lovely view of the city from the road that winds up Telegraph Hill to Coit Tower.


‘Cuz, yeah, there was a road… So really, if you so choose, there can be ZERO stairs to Coit Tower.


But that’s the wimpy way to do it.