On a visit to the midwest, AM spent a food- and fun-filled day at the Great Minnesota Get-Together, aka the Minnesota State Fair.


Now, depending on who you ask, the fair holds different highlights for different people. But everyone can agree that one of the main reasons to go is the fair food. This is, after all, the (perhaps contested) birthplace of everything fried on a stick that you’ve ever imagined, plus a whole slew of things you never imagined could be battered, cooked up in hot oil, and eaten on a stick.

What did AM eat? We’re so glad you asked!

Along with friends BigShrub, LittleShrub, and Ms. Songstress, AM  had deep fried walleye on a stick, roasted corn, root beer served from a barn, fried pickles with ranch sauce,  cheese curds from perennial favorite The Mousetrap, lemonade bigger than one’s head, deep fried olives stuffed with cream cheese and served on a stick, a pickle dog (that’s a pickle spear wrapped in pastrami and cream cheese, for the uninitiated), caramel apple slices, a Pronto Pup (that’s a folksy Minnesota name for a corn dog), Comet Corn ( a “futuristic caramel corn” frozen with liquid nitrogen) and of course a chocolate malt from the Dairy Building.


Though we may be in a food-induced coma, no visit to the fair is complete without seeing the animals being judged.

AM and Ms. Songstress visited the sheep, and were a little disturbed by some of the hoods they were wearing.


Please don’t turn into white supremacists, little sheepies.

We were quickly distracted, though, because in the same barn as the sheep was the rabbit judging, which was hysterical. The rabbits were pretty darn adorbs, but they became markedly less adorable when their owners flipped them over and exposed their private bits for judging. Especially because there was some weird pressing involved to make the bits pop out. Yes, pop.

In other news, we now know that having an udder connected high on the body is better… when you’re a cow.


The alpacas were just plain cute with their fuzzy ‘fros.

After the animals, one of AM’s favorites of the fair is the crop art. Yep, they make pieces of art using seeds and other bits of corn, wheat, and other crops.


Not only that, they make pieces of art that are references to brilliant TV comedies out of seeds ‘n stuff.


We ended the day at the dairy building, with butter sculptures, which are, of course, even better when viewed while drinking a chocolate malt!