We did our favorite walking tour of the city with our friend Signorina when she came to visit with her boy.


At the Ferry Building Farmer’s Market, we sampled some pork deliciousness in the form of Chicharrones, 4505 Meats’ light-as-air, salty and sweet “pig candy.”


These might just be the most addictive substance ever sold at a farmer’s market.

Well, actually…. we take that back.


And of course, since we were at the Ferry Building, we had to get some cheese from Cowgirl Creamery. Because, cheese.

We might have bought some cheese called Fat Bottom Girl. Not saying one way or the other, but we might have. And it might have been delicious.


From the Ferry Building, we made our way up to Chinatown, stopping it at a Chinese emporium for Signorina to acquire a super cute little owl bowl and ogling at the variety of woks and sheer mass of products crammed into the Wok Shop.


We went into one of the tea shops for a tasting of traditional Chinese teas. The back wall was lined with jars of herbal, green, and black teas. We sat ourselves down at the counter and learned how various teas can cure all of our bodily and mental ills. Plus, you know, they taste good.


We learned that tea should never be steeped in boiling water and that tea leaves need room to float and expand.

We also learned the wonder of the “lazy/easy teapot,” as our tea guide called it: a glass carafe with a little plastic cup in it that steeps the tea then strains the water out the bottom at the push of a knob. T-Bell decided she was pretty lazy when making tea in the morning and that easy sounded good, so she acquired one of the lazy/easy teapots along with some Jasmine pearl white tea.


After filling up with so many different kinds of tea, we sloshed our way toward North Beach, stopping in at City Lights Books to peruse their collection of Beat poetry and check out the latest and greatest zines.

Signorina was super excited to visit North Beach. She comes from a big Italian family and was excited to see “her people.”


Fittingly for a visit to North Beach, Signorina was wearing a Cannoli t-shirt. So of course we got some (mini) cannoli to eat. And to pose with.

Gelatto, salami, tre colori cookies, chocolates, coconut macaroons—it’s funny how so many of our wanderings revolve around food, isn’t it?


On our return from North Beach, we peeked inside the Palace Hotel to show Signorina the beautiful, super fancy Garden Court where they serve high tea. Now that could make you feel like you’re actually in Italy.


All photos are from our talented friend Signorina, who captured this great self portrait outside the Palace Hotel.