We started our Swiss hiking adventure in the little town of Murren, perched above Lauterbrunnen Valley at the base of Schilthorn Alp. Murren can only be reached by train, foot, or cable car gondola. In fact, to get to Murren from Bern, we took three different trains plus a gondola.

On the last train, another passenger told us about Sprutz waterfall near Murren, and we made that our first hiking destination. The hike started as a traverse along grassy mountainside fields full of wildflowers, cows, and farmers cutting hay.

With the hot weather, we were pleased when the trail moved into a wooded area. We soon realized we were above the top of the waterfall, and it was a steep descent down to where we could actually see the falls.

But the best part about the trail to Sprutz waterfall, especially on a hot day, is that the trail passes behind the waterfall. At the bottom of our steep trail, we could feel the air cooling as we neared the waterfall. And once we stepped behind the falls, we didn’t want to leave. All of Europe was in a major heat wave, and even up in the mountains, it was hot hot hot.