Trek day from Murren to Wengen, through Lauterbrunnen on the valley floor. Murren and Wengen sit up above the Lauterbrunnen valley on opposite sides, so we spent the morning hiking down, down, down from Murren to Lauterbrunnen.

In Lauterbrunnen we detoured to Trummelbach Falls, an amazing series of waterfalls mostly inside the cliff face in a series of caves and chutes. This one set of falls drains all the water coming off the three big mountains in this area, the Eiger, Monch, and Jungfrau. Glaciers on these mountains hold snow and ice all year long, and the water coming off them is pretty much all snowmelt.

After a hot, dry trek down the mountain from Murren and across the Lauterbrunnen valley, we could feel the cool air from Trummelbach Falls even before we reached the ticket booth. The temperature dropped even more as we approached the cliff face that holds the falls.

To see the falls, we took a very vertical cable car up the inside of the mountain, then set off climbing stairs and walking through passageways carved into the rock. These are no airy, misty falls tripping lightly down the rocks. This is torrents of water churning and rushing and thundering at breakneck speed to exit the mountain and flow into the Weisse Lütschine river.

For the first time this whole trip, we were actually cold as we climbed stairs higher into the mountain and up the series of 10 falls. From some of the viewing platforms, we could feel a nice mist of cold water kicked up from the churning water. And at other platforms, we had to back away very quickly to avoid getting completely drenched in freezing water. The whole experience was simply stunning.