Up on the Schilthorn, you feel like you’re at the top of the world.

The panorama of snow-streaked, craggy granite mountains extends all around, and even the peaks of the Eiger, Monch, and Jungfrau look as if they’re at eye level.

Despite the snow still on the ground in late June, it’s surprisingly warm – probably a bit of a fluke due to the continent-wide heat wave. From here, the mountains envelop you, almost close enough to touch if you just reached out a little farther. Or that could just be the thin air playing tricks on your brain.

We walk around the viewing platform, but the best views are actually on a rocky trail that heads down the sloping ridge. The trail continues on and on back down to Murren, but we just go a little ways and find a nice bit of rock to sit on.

Schilthorn is most famous as the set of On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, one of the early Bond movies. In fact, funds from the movie were key to finishing the revolving restaurant and observation decks. And the visitor’s center embraces the Bond-ness with both hands.

There’s an interactive museum all about the movie and filming at almost 10,000 feet. We got to “fly” a helicopter and watch infographics about the filming locations, “drive” a bobsled while avoiding villains and explosions, and of course take some iconic Bond photos.

We had to take two separate cable cars to get up to Schitlhorn, so on the way down we stopped for a bit at Birg, partway up the mountain. Birg’s claim to fame is a “thrill walk” attached to the cliff face just below the cable car stations.

Just in case walking along the sheer edge of a cliff isn’t thrilling enough, the thrill walk adds in a tightrope section, swinging bridge, and sections with clear glass floor.

It was a day of lots of great views of the the big three mountains!